49th Annual Peach Day's 10K Race


10th Annual Peach Day's Mile Race


5th Annual Peach Days 5K Race

September 9th, 2023

(Updated on June 13, 2023)

Join us for one of the oldest races in Utah! The race was started in 1974. The original length of the course was 10 miles which ran on the east, south, west and north sides of town. During the years the course changed for various reasons and now the length is approximately 10 kilometers. 

This is the 10th year for the Mile race.  We added the race in 2013 for a group of younger runners to be involved in the Peach Day's Celebration.  It is a 1 Mile Race for 6th through 8th graders.  

We added a 5K race during the 45th year.  We had some positive feedback concerning the race and decided to keep it.  So for all of those who have ever wanted to do the Peach Days Race but felt like you couldn't get through a 10K there is a 5K this race is for you.

We will start the races around 8:00 a.m.

Here are directions for the 1 mile race.

  • Start Line is by the City Center Plaza
  • Head south on main.
  • Circle around cone around the 300 south and main intersection and then head back north on main.
  • The finish line will be by the start line.
  • Awards will be given.

We are running the 10K race in the same direction and using the same route as usual.

Two water stops will be provided for the 10K race. They will be at miles 2-2.5 and 5 approximately. For safety reasons we are limiting those who can participate to 14 and older. Please remember this is a ROAD RACE. Thousands of people come for the parade and traffic is heavy. We want everyone to run safely. Please watch out for your safety because others may not. 

This years race: 

We will start the race at 8 am sharp before the 1 mile race.

We will start the course at 58 North Main Street which is City Center Plaza.

We will run the course in the same direction as we have in the past.